Vivakor Announces the First Continual and Environmentally Clean Oil Sands Operation to Complete a Year of Production

LAS VEGAS, NV–(Marketwired – March 7, 2018) – Vivakor Inc. (OTC PINK: VIVK) announced today that VivaVentures Energy Group, a wholly owned subsidiary of Vivakor Inc., has successfully extracted hydrocarbons from the oil sands in Utah for the past year.

Vivakor’s patent pending, closed looped hydrocarbon extraction technology was invented to solve a pivotal problem within the state of Utah: how to monetize over 30 billion barrels of estimated heavy crude reserves found within the oil sands in the state. Vivakor is the first and only Company to consistently produce oil from oil sands with an environmentally-friendly, closed-looped system. This system has demonstrated continuous developmental production of crude oil, while the sands are cleaned to 99% purity of all contaminants, and has done so for over a year now.

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Vivakor Announces Oil Reclamation Contract in Kuwait

LAS VEGAS, NV–(Marketwired – February 15, 2018) – Vivakor Inc. (OTC PINK: VIVK) announced today that Vivakor Middle East, based in Doha, Qatar has been engaged by The Energy Resource Institute (TERI) to complete a remediation contract for Kuwait Oil Company (KOC).

Vivakor Middle East will provide advanced technological oil-separation resources to KOC through TERI. The project is located in Kuwait at the existing TERI contracted site. The materials processed at this site are from the Kuwait Environmental Remediation Program (KERP) project; a UN funded project for cleaning up oil spilled due to the Iraqi invasion back in 1991. Most of the material to be processed by Vivakor will be weathered crude with significant oil content contained therein.

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Vivakor Announces Oil Reclamation MOU

LAS VEGAS, NV–(Marketwired – February 8, 2018) – Vivakor Inc. (OTC PINK: VIVK) announced today that it has engaged Inland Recycling, LLC (Inland) in a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for joint, oil reclamation services throughout the US. Inland owns and operates a permitted oil reclamation processing facility dedicated to the recovery and distillation of oil from various sources.

Vivakor will provide advanced technological oil-separation resources to the current operation. The Inland Recycling facility is located on a 20-acre site near Altair, Colorado County, Texas. The facility is strategically located within the greater Texas gulf coast industrial zone, which includes the Houston Ship Channel, Matagorda Bay and the emerging Corpus Christi complex. Inland contracts logistics services through numerous national tank carriers, local carriers, environmental service companies, and tank rental companies throughout the U.S. The materials processed at this site are Used Oil (lube oil), oil/water mixtures, diesel/heavy fuel oil/residual fuel oil mixtures, tank bottoms, oil-water mixtures, and crude oil/refinery petroleum fraction products and co-product materials that are not solid wastes.

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Vivakor Announces Additional Patent Filings

LAS VEGAS, NV–(Marketwired – February 6, 2018) – Vivakor Inc. (OTC PINK: VIVK) announced today that it has increased its multi-patent portfolio with new filings regarding its closed-looped hydrocarbon recovery system.

Further technological enhancements to Vivakor’s existing oil separating capabilities have been filed. The Company plans to expand its patent portfolio further, as they have made huge advancements in upgrading up-stream end products from their processed oil-based material. Management believes such developments will immediately add significant value to products sold, thus aggressively driving shareholder equity value due to the technology advancements.

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Vivakor Issues 2018 Chairman and CEO Letter

LAS VEGAS, NV–(Marketwired – January 25, 2018) – Vivakor Inc. (OTC PINK: VIVK) issues Chairman and CEO letter regarding 2018 objectives.

Letter from the Chairman and CEO

Dear Shareholders,

Vivakor is an asset acquisition Company that is focused on creating and acquiring innovative technologies that create industry competitive advantages with cutting edge applications and rewarding opportunities. Our focus has always allowed us to have a broad ability to look for technological arbitrage, where others may not have, to create a technological advantage. This corporate directive has transitioned the Company through different phases of technological direction as the world continues to be very competitive.

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