Groundbreaking Technology Combined with Social Responsibility

Vivakor, Inc. (VIVK), provides clean technology solutions in remediation, waste energy and critical natural resource delivery.

Investing directly in our Remediation Processing Centers provides you with unique benefits

Quarterly Cash Flow & Tax Benefits

Investors can enjoy the benefit of receiving quarterly income from our Remediation Processing Centers. Royalty payments are based on a percentage of the gross production of the machines for as long as they produce.

Proprietary Technology & Process

Vivakor’s industry disruptive intellectual properties consist of a proprietary, clean technology solution for the remediation of hydrocarbon contaminated sands. This process improves the environment while delivering energy from formerly waste material, as well as critical natural resources such as asphalt and precious group and rare earth metals.

Environmental Responsibility

Vivakor’s technology and processes are conducted in a closed-loop system that utilize no water and release no damaging particulates into the atmosphere. Our socially responsible technologies are applied to parts of the world that need remediation of oil spills and therefore contributing to improving the environment.

Track Record of Success

Vivakor has successfully operated its technology for several years in multiple locations throughout Eastern Utah and the Middle East. The company has a solid track record of delivering positive shareholder equity and value.

Diversification & Substantial Growth Potential

Investors are looking for a safe, protected haven from further economic instability and investment erosion. Vivakor intellectual properties and projects create the desired environment for investors to experience growth and receive income while mitigating risk.

Invest Now

With Vivakor’s clean technology, there will never be a “dry hole” or other environmental stigma that is usually associated with many energy investments. Our process is socially responsible, proven and ready to process, allowing the company to offer an incredible royalty program to our investors.