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Welcome to the Circular Carbon Economy

Today, the world looks to advancing technology with hope that it is not too late to correct our collision course with environmental devastation. At the same time, communities around the globe are experiencing an increasing need for practical, affordable energy solutions. Although the immediate and drastic reduction of our carbon footprint might seem at odds with growing energy demands, Vivakor is proving otherwise by pioneering a circular carbon economy.

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Proprietary Technology

Vivakor specializes in developing, acquiring, and operating proprietary and patented clean energy solutions and environmental technologies. Our area of focus centers around the protection and preservation of natural resources. Our soil and water remediation efforts leverage patented technology to recover intact waste materials that can be converted to fuels or other commoditizable materials. Remediated bitumen from Utah oil sands, for example, is refined to produce performance-grade asphaltic cement. This material, in turn, creates a significant revenue stream.

Environmental Responsibility

At Vivakor, we are committed to the ongoing pursuit of clean energy technologies that produce levels of waste at, or approaching, zero. This helps reduce or eliminate waste removal to landfills. At the same time, cleaned and remediated hydrocarbons can be transformed into marketable materials. Water produced in the remediation process can be processed for discharge or reuse without any requirement for additional treatment. By applying these practical, real-world solutions to areas of environmental contamination, we have the ability to change the course of communities around the world, helping lead them back to a place of safety, health and sustainability.

Proven Track Record

Vivakor’s industry-leading clean energy technology and environmental solutions have been proven effective in independent, third-party testing. We continue to build on the solid foundation we have established, changing the industry with our effective and economical technologies. Everything we do, we do with an unflagging commitment to improving the environment and delivering value to our shareholders and strategic partners – all within a socially responsible corporate culture.


Numbers Speak.

Utah Potential
Number of potential barrels to be recovered on contracted property in Utah
Kuwait Opportunity
Total number of tons of contaminated soil requiring cleaning in Kuwait
Miles of National Highway
Miles of highway roads to be converted to smart roads in the future

Waste Remediation

Clean technology that extracts the oil from contaminate sands

Proprietary Technology

The world's first closed looped, continuous feed, extraction technology that can remove oil from sands from more than 20% to less than .5% contamination

Waste to Energy

Turning Waste Hydrocarbons to usable fuel

Turning Waste to Smart Roads

The company is working with partners to integrate sensor technology into it's asphalt extracted from waste to make the smart roads of the future.

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