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About Us

Welcome to the Circular Carbon Economy

As energy needs and demands continue to grow the importance of reducing our carbon footprint becomes paramount. The only way to resolve these two seemingly opposite goals is by creating a circular carbon economy. It has become mandatory to reduce, reuse and recycle hydrocarbons. We recover hydrocarbons from waste/polluted soils and turns these this recovered crude oil into asphaltic cement which is utilized for road construction.

Carbon concept


Numbers Speak.

Utah Potential
Number of potential barrels to be recovered on contracted property in Utah
Developed Technologies
Number of patents licensed or held by Vivakor or partners
Kuwait Opportunity
Total number of tons contaminated soil to be cleaned in Kuwait
Miles of National Highway
Miles of highway roads to be converted to smart roads in the future

Waste Remediation

Clean technology that extracts the oil from contaminate sands

Proprietary Technology

The world's first closed looped, continuous feed, extraction technology that can remove oil from sands from more than 20% to less than .5% contamination

Waste to Energy

Turning Waste Hydrocarbons to usable fuel

Turning Waste to Smart Roads

The company is working with partners to integrate sensor technology into it's asphalt extracted from waste to make the smart roads of the future.


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    Creating the Future of Waste to Energy to Smart Roads

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