Vivakor’s ENVIRONMENTALLY-FRIENDLY TECHNOLOGY actually cleans up the environment

It took more than three years for the Vivakor team to develop an environmentally friendly oil sands extraction technology that didn’t affect the environment and, at the same time, was commercially viable.  Extensive research was also undertaken to develop a combination of benign solvents that could efficiently extract the oil from the sands.  The system also had to adapt to the type of surface oil sands deposits.  After several years of enhancing the system’s components and processing systems, Vivakor’s engineers finally succeeded and unveiled its first mobile extraction unit in 2015.  It is truly the first of its kind in the world. There’s no water needed, no fracking, no tailings ponds, and the cleaned sand can go right back where it came from. And, with our Middle East projects, not only does the cleaned sand go right back where it came from, but the entire environment becomes improved and remediated.

Vivakor believes that resource development does not have to be at odds with the environment, and that technologies must be developed so that both elements may safely co-exist.  This seems to be compatible with Utah’s Department of Energy Development, which focuses on providing leadership with a balanced development of Utah’s abundant energy resources through public and private partnerships.  This co-operation will result in prosperity throughout the state and a reliable, affordable energy supply.  The Energy Development Department in Utah, under the Directorship of Val Hale, has set up the Energy & Geoscience Institute (EGI), and the Utah Institute For Clean & Secure Energy, (ISOR).  These organizations will work to improve the efficiencies of energy development technologies and will provide data base research with public and private partnerships.  And it’s with co-operation like this that will bring a win-win prosperity to the state of Utah in the years to come.