Vivakor’s environmentally friendly oil sand separation process removes the hydrocarbon-emitting oil sands, leaving behind only clean dry sand and fresh air.

In this process,oil sand is loaded into dump trucks from the existing local mines and delivered to the processing plant.  Separation of the oil sand uses no water or steam and instead is accomplished using a proprietary extraction fluid to dissolve the hydrocarbon components.  In the first stage of the process, oil sand is thoroughly mixed with the solvent forming a slurry of sand, oil and extraction fluid.  This slurry moves from the mixing chamber into a separation chamber where the solid sand is separated from the fluid oil/extraction fluid solution by gravity.  From here, the sand, which is clean but still damp, is conveyed through a dryer where the extraction fluid is reclaimed.  Meanwhile, the oil/extraction fluid mixture travels to a separate chamber where the oil is separated from the extraction fluid and the extraction fluid is reclaimed.  The entire extraction process takes place in a series of sealed chambers so that there are no harmful emissions to the atmosphere.  Furthermore, the extraction fluid reclaimed from both the damp sand and the oil sand is recycled back into the process so that no toxic chemicals are released to soil or the environment.  When Vivakor’s oil sand separation process is complete, the extracted oil is placed into holding tanks to be removed by tanker trucks, and the clean sand is returned to the mining site.