Crude Oil Gathering, Storage, Transportation

Silver Fuels Delhi & White Claw Colorado City

  • White Claw is a 5.7 million gallon oil tank storage and blending facility located on the Permian Basin in Western Texas
  • Silver Fuels is a 20 tank oil storage and blending facility located on the Smackover Basin in Western Lousiana

Both facilities blend combinations of heavy and light crude to get to required consistency for injection directly into pipeline access points located at the facilities.

Vivakor Synergies
  • Vivakor plans to place its patented RPCs on both of these facilities where they can take in tank bottom sludge and other oil industry waste that is created within each of the two major basins. Vivakor believes that the is substantial amounts of hydrocarbon based waste to be cleaned in the two basins.
  • Being close to the created waste greatly reduces transportation costs.
  • Required infrastructure to operate RPCs such as storage and blending facilities are at both facilities.
  • Many of the required permits needed by Vivakor to operate the RPCs are already in place at both facilities.
  • The high quality recycled and reclaimed oil from the RPC cleaning process can be blended and then  directly injected.
The Word’s Most Advanced Oil Remediation Technology

As Vivakor focuses on the development and acquisition of other clean energy technologies, we continue to deploy our RPCs at sites around the world. We have already been awarded patent for this proprietary technology with additional patents pending.

A single RPC can extract as much to 500 tons of material per day. If the extracted material has an oil concentration of 10%, that constitutes an approximate rate of 250 barrel per day. With multiple processing centers online, users can see the potential for commercialization and a significant revenue stream.

Vivakor is ever in pursuit of ways to pioneer a circular carbon economy. Through our proprietary processes and technology, we have demonstrated repeatedly that it is possible to generate revenue and meet growing energy demands while, at the same time, helping our planet recover from the damage it has already sustained.

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