Tank Bottom Sludge

  • Tank bottom sludge is the “goop” that settles at the bottom of oil tanks. This sludge is a combination of heavy crude oil, dirt and debris that, over time, has come out of the stored oil. Approximately every five years, the oil tanks must be cleaned out and the sludge removed. The prevalent way of removing the sludge is by adding chemicals, such as lime, to solidify the sludge and then disposing of it in a hazardous materials landfill.


  • Vivakor has adapted its Remediation Processing Center (RPC) to process the tank bottom sludge; recovering the heavy crude, which can be easily turned into asphalt, and clean dirt.


  • Vivakor is establishing facilities that will accept and process tank bottom sludge – helping to create the circular carbon economy by taking hazardous, hydrocarbon-based waste and turning it into usable products that do not release greenhouse gases (asphalt) and keeping it out of landfills.
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