Vernal Utah

  • Our Vernal, Utah project is initially focused on turning the extracted hydrocarbons into asphaltic cement, which we believe is less affected by daily changes in oil prices. Our RPC situated in Vernal, Utah has the capacity to process up to 500 tons of naturally occurring oil sands deposits per day and estimate, we will recover approximately 250 barrels of extracted hydrocarbons each day, to be sold as asphaltic cement or for energy.
  • The State of Utah has, according to the US Geological Survey, approximately 14 billion barrels of measured oil in place with an additional estimated 23 to 28 billion barrels of oil contained in contaminated oil sands that are deposited near the ground surface. The crude from these oil sands can be turned into asphaltic cement for making roads, or upgraded for polymers or fuel. Based on the total number of barrels of oil contained within the Utah oil sands deposits, we believe there may be an opportunity to deploy as many as 100 RPC units just within the state of Utah.


Oil Sands Utah
  • Approximately 300 million cubic yards of oil sand material are available for processing at our Vernal property and we believe we could ultimately recover 40 million barrels of oil.


Our Mission

  • Maximize our proprietary clean technologies worldwide
  • Eliminated the use of hydrocarbon landfills
  • Turn reclaimed waste oil into energy
  • Upgrade the waste oil to useful fuels and smart roads of the future

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The State of Utah has approximately 28 billion barrels in shallow oil sands

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The Company has successfully extracted oil from the oil sands leaving only trace amounts of oil in the reclaimed sands

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The first closed looped, continuous feed, 24 hours a day system


How We Work

Proprietary Chemical Solvent

Our first phase of extraction uses or multi hydrocarbon solvent, combined with proprietary heating and pressure systems, to separate the hydrocarbon (OIL) from the organic sand material

Physical Separation

The second phase is a customized proprietary centrifugal system to separate the solids from the liquids

Hydrocarbon Flash Separation

The third phase of our Remediation Processing Centers in Utah uses our proprietary flash evaporation system to separate the hydrocarbons.  This process allows us to customize our end product to either a synthetic crude, a asphalt cement, or a upgraded fuel.

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